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        What is Procession?
A solution that was created specifically for the Chemical Industry. Procession extends Sage ERP X3 by adding the additional functionality required by Chemical Manufacturers and Distributers.
The chemical industry faces unique challenges that cannot be handled natively by most of the top-selling ERP systems. This causes a dilemma for companies in the chemical industry. Industry-specific solutions exist, but often their technology is out-of-date or their overall functionality is much less when compared to the top ERP systems. Also, these industry-specific solutions tend to be small, private companies that fall behind the technology curve.  In some cases, there may even be questions about their long-term viability.
So, the best of both worlds would be a top-selling ERP system, provided by a publicly-traded world leader in the SMB market, that addressed the challenges of the chemical industry. Procession and Sage ERP X3 provides the best of both worlds.   Sage ERP X3 is a best-in-class ERP solution from Sage, which is a world leader in the SMB ERP market. Sage ERP X3 is a process manufacturing solution, but with the addition of Procession, Sage ERP X3 is a chemical-industry specific solution.
GLS teamed with Provenio Technology to create Procession. Procession is an extension of Sage ERP X3, and as such, Procession runs completely native within Sage ERP X3. This allows Procession to become a seamless part of your Sage ERP X3 solution. Since Procession is a native part of your Sage ERP X3, it automatically benefits from the constant stream of technology innovations from Sage.
Procession combines the industry insight of process manufacturing professionals combined with the skill and experience from the GLS team of certified Sage ERP X3 developers and implementation consultants. This solution was born from the needs of actual specialty chemical professionals seeking a solution to fully leverage Sage ERP X3 for all facets of their business.
What Procession does for Your Sage ERP X3 System
procession image background
Procession 6.5(SP 27) is a fully integrated solution that runs seamlessly within X3.
NO additional hardware. NO third party application to install and maintain.
NO new user interface to learn.
NO partial integrations that provide
limited synchronization with X3.
NO more “islands” of data that are
not accessible from within X3 queries
and reports.


Procession Features List
Procession 6.5 (SP 27) includes powerful tools to meet the unique challenges of specialty chemical manufacturers. The feature list below highlights the features that adds to the existing process manufacturing functionality of Sage ERP X3.
Global Harmonization Functionality
GHS hazard statements & precautionary phrases
GHS pictograms
GHS compliant Safety Data Sheets
Procession Screen image background GHS compliant labels
Material Safety Data Sheets
    as needed

Special item fields to manage
    your GHS conversion

Hazardous Material Ratings by
    Product (HMIS, NFPA)

Chemical Identifiers
Exposure Control
State/Province Regulatory Control: Track where a product can or cannot sell.
   Warns the user entering an order if product is prohibited to the ship to address.

DOT Proper Shipping Name Functionality
Bill of Lading with weight tracking by Hazard Class, blind shipping and third
   party billing

GHS/DOT Data Library
63 Standard GHS Hazard phrases included
131 Standard GHS Precautionary phrases included
3667 DOT Hazmat Table Records included
Track Reporting Requirements for Multiple Governing Agencies & Regulations.
Enter and Track revisions for each product
Print SDS/MSDS report from X3
GHS and OSHA compliance
QC Lab
Track test results by sample
Analyze and report test result history by product, batch, or test.
Ability to define acceptable values and ranges for each test on a
    product specific technical sheet.
Batch Ticket
HMIS/NFPA chart or diamond
PPE Pictogramsproveno logo image
GHS Pictograms
Displays lot numbers for components and FG
Yield Tracking
Production Reporting
Reports allocation status and shortages by component
Productivity Enhancements
Customer Service 360 Degree View—Provides full visibility to a sales order
    throughout the fulfillment process, including production tracking

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August 12, 11am
Learn about Sage ERP X3 with Provenio Technology, a solution designed for the chemical industry.