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The challenges of getting bigger just got smaller. (pdf)
Business is getting too complicated. So we simplified it.
Not long ago, selling a good product at a fair price was a solid enough business model to dominate a market. Then things got complicated.

Cross Selling: Adding Real Value for Customers (pdf)
Sage Intelligence Reporting
A powerpoint presentation covering Sage market, understanding the solution, engaging the customers, and sales and resource tools.

ERP Selection: Finding the Right Fit (pdf)
Finding a needle in a haystack is hard, but the task pales in comparison to finding a specific needle in a pile of needles. Selecting the ideal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution from among the numerous options on the market can feel like just as daunting a challenge.

ERP and BI in the SMB (pdf)
Bringing Light to Data in the Shadows
Businesses vary in complexity, but most have many moving parts. As a result, running a business effectively and efficiently requires timely operational decisions. Increasingly, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs—see sidebar definition) adopt Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to help manage that complexity.

ERP in the Midmarkets (pdf)
Enabling Functionality and Simplicity to Combat Complexity
When organizations reach a certain size, it often becomes apparent that the ways of doing business which led to growth are no longer applicable.

Improving ERP Usability (pdf)
How Intuitive ERP Drives Productivity, Improves ROI & Enhances Collaboration
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have always offered powerful capabilities for managing operational data and improving business efficiency.

Impact of Data Effectiveness (pdf)
on business outcomes at medium-sized businesses in North America & Europe
Do companies with more user-friendly and accessible enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems enjoy more positive business outcomes? Are they more profitable? Do highly effective ERP systems help create a sharper upswing of revenue growth? How much difference does effective data really make to business success?

Sage ERP X3 Sales App (pdf)
Gain mobile access to Sage ERP X3
Sage ERP X3 Sales App is an intuitive, mobile solution that connects your sales force
to Sage ERP X3 though an iPad. It provides businesses running Sage ERP X3 with
anytime, anywhere access to ERP data to help more effectively manage customers and sales. Expert’s Guide: Six Great Tips for ERP Implementation (pdf)
Recently, Ziff Davis surveyed its community about the most common challenges in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations. Responses varied widely, but most passionately argued that the time is right to rethink how we select ERP systems, how we implement them, how we use them, and, most importantly, how businesses can ensure that they get the most value for their investment.

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GHS and Regulatory Compliance Webinar
August 12, 11am
Learn about Sage ERP X3 with Provenio Technology, a solution designed for the chemical industry.