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ERP For Pharmaceutical Industry

gls pharmaceutical manufacturer worker imageNot all manufacturing companies are alike. Just like not all software systems are alike.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are under pressure to maintain competitiveness while complying with an increasing array of regulatory requirements. From thinning pipelines and skyrocketing operating costs to calls for lower prices and a greater regulatory burden, your company is confronted with unprecedented challenges that are expected to radically transform the industry.

Sage ERP X3 provides a flexible software solution aimed at managing the most elaborate business processes in a simple and efficient way, while complying with the demanding quality requirements of FDA-registered manufacturers.

Benefit from process-specific functionality.

Was your enterprise software intended to be used by pharmaceutical manufacturers? Sage ERP X3 combines advanced manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, CRM, and accounting functionality with features specifically designed for pharmaceutical manufacturers, including:

  • Formula management
  • Weight calculations
  • Potency management
  • Advanced order fulfillment and inventory allocation procedures
  • Product packaging

Ease the burden of demanding regulatory requirements.

Accessing the information required for government reporting (such as the Bioterrorism Act and 21 CFR Part II) involves time-consuming labor. Sage ERP X3 helps your company comply by providing a convenient and efficient way to gather and monitor relevant process information and eliminating manual procedures throughout the manufacturing process.

Protect your business.

Your success depends on your ability to produce superior products. If a defect occurs, you need to take immediate action to prevent consumers from harm and to protect the viability of your business.

Sage ERP X3 provides complete forward and backward lot traceability and even maintains a full audit trail, so you'll have an historical record of transactions for multiple years. And the fully integrated quality control process rigorously enforces inspections to assure item conformance to any required characteristics, operational tolerances, or expected results.

Fine-tuned to meet your specific industry requirements, Sage ERP X3 provides the advanced functionality you need to remain competitive in the face of difficult challenges.

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