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Chemical Manufacturers and Distributors face challenges that are unique to their industry. The Chemical Industry is rapidly growing with greater global competition. Regulatory compliance is a constantly moving target and penalties can result from reporting errors. Proper safety and handling information must be readily available to all handlers, emergency responders and receivers of products which you distribute or manufacture. To succeed, you need the right tools that can simplify the process and help prevent costly errors or oversights.   

A Solution Designed for the Chemical Industry

Sage ERP X3 with Procession combines advanced manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, built-in customer relationship management (CRM), and accounting functionality with application features that address the unique and specialized needs of the chemical industry, such as:

  • Formula & recipe management
  • Batch or continuous process
  • Safety data sheet (SDS/MSDS) authoring
  • Safety ratings and personal protection equipment (HMIS/NFPA)
  • GHS-compliant labels and SDS
  • Full component/ingredient and lot traceability
  • Shelf-life management with expiration date control
  • Potency management
  • Quality Management
  • QC Analysis Reporting
  • QC Samples
  • Yield Tracking
  • In-process, final, in-line, and purchase receiving quality control testing
  • Shipping weights reported by liquid, net, gross, and by hazard class
  • Bill of Lading with proper shipping names and emergency contacts
  • Certificate of analysis (CofA)
  • Chemical Identifiers (such as CAS#) and Chemical Properties
  • Specific Gravity calculations
  • Unit of Measure conversions
  • Multi-level packaging
  • Integration with chemical subscription databases  (ex. ChemAdvisor LOLI)

 Global Harmonized System (GHS)

Chemical Manufacturers and distributers in the United States and Canada have until June 1, 2015 to become GHS complaint.  Sage ERP X3 with Procession provides you with the tools you need to become GHS compliant.  This functionality includes GHS compliant package and product labels that can be easily customized to your products.   Also, included is a SDS authoring tool that allows the conversion of your existing MSDS to the SDS format, or allows you to author new SDS.

Work Smarter and Reduce Risks

Sage ERP X3 with Procession provides you with the tools that chemical manufacturers and distributors need in order to improve safety and handling, reduce emergency response time, ease the burden of regulation compliance and reporting, and reduce mistakes that can lead to penalties.

Grow Forward

Sage ERP X3 also offers differentiating functionality that fosters cost reductions and customer service improvements - features like multi-site planning, finite capacity scheduling, real-time business intelligence, warehouse management, advanced shipping functionality, and automated data collection.



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GHS and Regulatory Compliance Webinar
August 12, 11am
Learn about Sage ERP X3 with Provenio Technology, a solution designed for the chemical industry.