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GLS consultants can help your business make the right decisions for your company objectives. Our experienced professionals work with our clients to review existing challenges and the available options to meet those challenges. We measure our success by the success of our clients. This success is often determined by weighing all of the options and then finding the right solution.
Because of the pace of technology, it impossible for many executives to stay ahead of the curve and knowledgeable of what options are currently available and what options are on the horizon. GLS consultants are constantly renewing their education, learning about new software and technologies in order to help our clients make more informed decisions. With our knowledge and experience, we’re able to provide you with the truth, good and bad, about your existing options.
Just as important, we continue to provide this service even after implementation.



A well-trained staff is an efficient and happy staff. However, as time goes by, most companies experience a “brain drain”. Key staff members, who hold all of the knowledge about their job, leave and often only pass on a fraction of this knowledge to their replacement. Also, as new updates are released for your systems, without training, many users are often confused or frustrated by the new features.
Another common problem is that employees forget parts of their training over time. That is why it is important to have a partner that can help you with your on-going training program.
Our professional staff of certified professionals is here to help you with your training needs.


Custom Development

GLS provides comprehensive customization programming services for Sage PRO ERP and Sage ERP X3. Both of these ERP systems provide source code that can allow you to unlock their true potential in addressing your specific business needs. Our custom development can help your expanding business with customized application solutions that fit the unique requirements of your industry.
We provide reliable solutions that optimize your current system and improve your business productivity.


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GHS and Regulatory Compliance Webinar
August 12, 11am
Learn about Sage ERP X3 with Provenio Technology, a solution designed for the chemical industry.