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Posted by on in Sage ERP X3
Procession Nitrogen is now available


Procession-Nitrogen is the latest version of Procession and is now available for to download or for installation by one of our certified consultants.  Nitrogen shows our continued commitment to our clients with over 17 new features  in addition to a few important fixes.  

 New features include:

  • CAS Maintenance
  • Mass CAS Update Utility
  • Formula Property Equations
  • EU SDS Format Support
  • Additional Multi-lingual SDS features
  • Formula Mass Component Replace Utility
  • Country of Origin
  • Ability to Publish Formulas to Create Product or Technical Sheets
  • Work Order Component Re-sequencing
  • Ability to print CofA’s or SDS at Delivery based upon the formula
  • SDS Toxicology and Eco-toxicology tables
  • New SDS phrases and fields

 Procession Nitrogen is available for the following versions of Sage X3:

  • Version 6  Patch 34
  • Version 7  Patch 11
  • Product Update 8  Patch 4
  • Product Update 9  Patch 2

 Email us today for more information or to schedule your upgrade


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Posted by on in Sage ERP X3

Launch of Procession Carbon



Procession Carbon has launched for Sage X3 version 6 and 7 on 11/16/15.   The update for X3 PU 8 will release on 11/23/15.   

Below is a partial list of the new features.   Contact us to learn more about the new features in Procession Carbon and to schedule your update.

New features include:

 Customer QC Specifications

Enter production, sales and customer specifications.   When shipping to customers, print the Certificate of Analysis with the appropriate specification ranges.

 Multiple CAS #'s

 Functionality has been added to support raw materials that are blends of multiple CAS#'s.   When you create an SDS for a formula that contains Multiple CAS#'s, this information flows through to the SDS.

Batch Ticket QC Section

The technical sheet for the formula has been added to the Batch Ticket report.

Product Technical Sheet

A product technical sheet report has been added .

Product Technical Sheet Notes

The Product Technical sheet notes will not show on the QC Results screen.   Also, a new field has been added called CofA Notes.  Notes entered in this field will print on the CofA.

BOL Enhancements

The BOL has been enhanced to print the customer product descriptions for non-hazardous products.    Also, the package codes now print the short UOM descriptions instead of the UOM code.   This allows you to create more descriptive package codes or to use the UN package code format.

Certificate of Analysis Changes

When printing or emailing the CofA at delivery, you no longer have to select the sample ID, when there are multiple samples for the lot.   Instead, Procession will now print the results for the last sample for the lot.   

Other changes include:  

  • Use customer product description and product name when available
  • If specs are not found for the product, use the specs for the formula.


Also included in this update are a number of fixes since Procession Boron was launched in May 2015.

For a complete listing of all changes, please contact us or your reseller.

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Posted by on in Sage ERP X3

Sage Summit 2015 is just days away and if you are attending, please come and see us.   The GLS and Provenio crew will be all over Summit this year.  Come by booth 425 to learn more about our processing manufacturing solution called Procession.  Or you can come by the Sage area, to Kiosk #1 where you can see Procession in action.  

Lastly, this is our first year hosting a session with Sage.  This session will be Thursday and we are pleased to be joined by one of our long time clients, Myra Hager from ABC Compounding.  In this session Myra will share her insights as a VP of a successful chemical company and I will share insights that I have learned from working different chemical companies over the years.

 We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new people in the Sage family!


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How a mobile-ready ERP solution can help you grow

Improve customer service and your bottom line

Consider how a first-class mobile ERP app could help you impress customers: You are about to meet with customers, so you take a minute to look up their recent order history on your smartphone. You see a notification pop up: An item they previously purchased has just been priced “two for one” for a limited time. Because of excess inventory, your marketing department just pushed this offer through the system an hour ago. As you discuss the order your customer wishes to place, you mention the “two for one” offer. They are pleased because they have an opportunity to stock up on a favorite product at a great price; you leave satisfied, knowing you have helped both your customer and your business because you connected the right opportunity with the right person. Later, your customer mentions to a friend how easy it is to do business with you. You have earned repeat business, and a referral.

To get the same result, your competitors would have had to exchange numerous internal and external emails, a sales briefing, price sheet updates and custom order forms—but you got it done in minutes!

Efficient travel

If you have to visit customers, you may be in the habit of using Google Maps to figure out the most efficient route. Sage ERP X3 version 7 integrates Google Map technology, so you no longer have to use a separate app. You can check your route directly from your customer listing and get to customers more quickly.

Accelerate communications and approvals

An ERP solution like Sage ERP X3 version 7 can significantly expedite the mundane yet important communications that fuel your business. Take purchase orders, for example. It is easy to set up notification and rules to ensure the request is sent out to all who need to approve—automatically. Orders for electronic equipment may go to one person; orders for office furniture may go to another. Tell the system who needs to approve what and they can do so from any mobile device with the push of a button. Just think: What other communications can be accelerated?

Simplified expense reporting

How many times have your receipts gathered in piles because you have more pressing things to do than fill out expense reports? Sure, you know it is important to turn in those reports, and you want to get reimbursed, but it is a pain.

Sage ERP X3 version 7 can make your life a lot easier. Simply file expense reports from your mobile device on the go. It is painless, instant, and a great way to make your employees’ life easier…and more productive!


What you have to gain

Where will your business take you this year? Much of that depends on where you are able to go. The right ERP solution with strong mobile capabilities allows you to expand your reach. The efficiencies gained with mobility can reduce overhead costs—money that could be put toward expanding to new markets.

It is clear that our daily lives have gone mobile, and our devices are becoming ever more integrated into our routines. To stay competitive, it is imperative to leverage the many benefits mobile ERP can bring.

Earn your customers’ loyalty by impressing them with quick responses, informed recommendations, and accurate updates. They will thank you in referrals.

Business is challenging, but it does not have to be so difficult. The technology is readily available to connect and automate so many of the day-to-day tasks that could be optimized to support your profitability and growth.

You cannot control everything, but you can absolutely take back control over how well your business runs. Sage ERP X3 version 7 can help you automate processes from end to end, right out of the box. Bring all areas of your business together by using a single software that is fast, seamless, and simple to manage.


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Posted by on in Sage ERP X3

Meet Your New ERP System!

Excitement has been building for a while now in anticipation of Version 7. At the recent Sage ERP X3 Global Conference in May, Sage pulled the curtain and revealed some of the exciting new features and changes to come … and customer response couldn’t be more positive!

So let’s take a look under the hood and find out what all the buzz is about.

A Completely New Web Interface

The most obvious change is the striking new look of Sage ERP X3 Version 7 which features a completely new and modern web interface. But more than just cosmetics, the new design delivers real-world functional improvements like support for multiple web browsers (not just Microsoft Internet Explorer), a host of web apps, powerful new search functionality, and enhanced Microsoft Office integration including a new toolbar for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

In fact, navigating Sage ERP X3 will now be as intuitive as browsing a website using familiar functions like hyperlinks, scrolling pages, and powerful search (think: Google). You can also bookmark favorites to quickly access frequently-used screens, reports, or tasks.

Sage ERP X3 Version 2014

One System, Many Devices

A defining new feature of version 7 is the way usability and mobility work together as one. What that means is whether you’re using Sage ERP X3 on a mobile device, tablet, laptop, or PC, you get the same consistent look, feel, experience and workflow.

It also means you get work done faster and more efficiently by accessing full ERP functionality on any device you choose. With Sage ERP X3 version 7, you can go anywhere your business takes you and still check on inventory, take orders, approve expenses, run up-to-the-minute reports, or make quick and informed decisions – in the office, on the road, or working from home.

Top New Functional Improvements

In addition to the obvious changes that are easy to spot at first glance, there are a number of other functional improvements that folks who frequently enter and process transactions will certainly appreciate, including the following:

  • Extended traceability: quote to cash, order to payment.
  • Sales document personalization (delivery & returns)
  • Flexible definition of sales kits (options and variants)
  • Additional purchasing costs: import tracking
  • Flexible settings per legislation
  • Increased control over inter-company transactions
  • Flexible management of warehouse locations
  • Enhanced automation with recurring invoices


NEW FEATURE SUMMARY: Version 4 Through Version 7

If you haven’t upgraded in a while, email us for a copy of this review of top new features added to Sage ERP X3 Versions 4 through 7.

Version 7 Availability

Sage ERP X3 version 7 is scheduled for general availability and customer download beginning June 23, 2014.

Explore Version 7 and See For Yourself

Sage has set up a new interactive website where you can watch videos, download brochures, review new features, and explore Sage ERP X3 version 7 in detail.

And be sure to contact us with your questions or if you’d like help upgrading.

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